With support from AMP, Tailor-Made is able to offer financial advice at no cost to assist those who have suffered severe financial or personal loss from the bushfires. This can help with managing both the immediate impact and future planning as people begin the process of rebuilding their lives.

Pro-bono financial advice

With the support from AMP we are able to offer pro bono advice to Australians who have been severely affected by crisis.

The recipients of the advice will not be charged for any costs associated with the advice.

The program is open to any bushfire affected Australian who:

– Has been impacted by the bushfires in Australia since 1 November 2019 and accesses this offer by 30 June 2020 (unless extended)

– Has had one of the following impacts from the bushfires:-

  • They have been seriously injured or their dependant, partner or immediate co-habiting relative has been seriously injured or died as a result of the bushfires
  • Lost their primary place of residence or it is uninhabitable
  • Lost their business

If you have been impacted and need help, or want to understand what assistance is available, please contact us.