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Choosing the smart way to build wealth

We have chosen to partner with Tailor-Made to help us build and protect our wealth because of their outstanding reputation in the community, and how we’re not judged – no matter what our financial situation is. We’re both big fans of Tailor-Made and of their experience, knowledge and relationship that we have with them. We’re looking forward to a lifelong relationship with Tailor-Made knowing that they genuinely care and will look after our financial well being. We would recommend Tailor-Made to anyone who wants to have a trusted adviser who genuinely cares about their clients’ best interests.
Emily and Troy

Professional management

Record low interest rates have created opportunities for people to free up cashflow and have money left over after their mortgage repayments. This creates new dilemmas – is it best to put the money in an offset account?  What about super?  Or invest in shares?

We understand your time is valuable and we can build and implement a professional plan tailored to your goals and your cashflow requirements. Our service includes ongoing advice to ensure you remain on track.

We put in place a structure so that we can act quickly and decisively to make changes when required and keep you informed.

Cashflow is key

Your cashflow is the key to achieving your financial goals.

We can help build and implement a plan that focuses on your specific goals, for example:

  • Repay home loan debt quicker.
  • Meet education costs for your children.
  • Build wealth for retirement.
  • Meet lifestyle goals such as taking an extended holiday.

Tax effective strategies

Before even considering any investment decisions, it is imperative that careful planning is given to the ownership and structure of the overall plan.

Should the lower-income partner be holding the income assets? How can the capital gains tax exemption be best used in the future? Is a family trust actually something I can use?

We can work with other specialists to answer these questions and ensure that you actually take action.

Superannuation strategies

Setting aside some time to review your super fund is one of the best favours you can do your 60-year-old self. Selecting the right fund is a simple but critical decision, and the difference between choosing a great fund and a mediocre fund can mean an extra $150,000 in an average worker’s pocket in retirement.

Superannuation also remains the most tax-effective savings plan available. There are various strategies available including accessing the government co-contribution scheme, salary sacrifice, making contributions for your spouse and superannuation splitting.

We can select a fund based on your needs, with the aim of getting reliable returns, keeping fees low and seeing those savings compounding into retirement. For those with specialised needs, we can also provide ongoing investment management of your superannuation or discuss the merits of starting a Self-Managed Superannuation Fund which provides greater control and transparency.


Jane and Andreas are in their 40s, have two kids and both have steady jobs.  They’ve worked hard to pay down their home loan over the years, and have reached the point where the final repayment’s in sight.  From there, they’re not sure what to do – buy an investment property?  Work less?  Or just put the money in a savings account?

By getting financial advice, Jane and Andreas found a solution which enabled them to generate passive income to supplement their salaries, without any specialised knowledge of investment markets.  Andreas was surprised to find he could drop back to part-time within two years, and the couple was able to step back from the day-to-day and begin focusing on their lifestyle goals and looking at different school and travel opportunities for the kids.

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