Celebrating 20 Years! 

To Celebrate our 20 Years in Business, Tailor-Made have an Article out in the latest Autumn Issue of White Wash Magazine. We have the full details below or you can follow this link to read more:  Tailor-Made Article page 41 White Wash – Autumn Issue #28

Moving from the city in 2003, having

worked in Sydney and Hong Kong

financial markets, Ben Hatcher and

Roger Nee craved a move to rural NSW.

Roger’s father grew up in Milton, where

his grandfather was the postmaster; thus,

moving here felt like coming home.


Ben’s expertise in finance and a strong desire to

make a meaningful difference to clients led to

the creation of Tailor-Made Financial Services

(TMFS). Growing a sustainable business that

hired locally was also a goal. One such employee

hired straight from Wollongong Uni 18 years ago

was John Broughton, now a dedicated owner of

the business. Together with seven loyal and caring

support staff, the stable team is a critical asset.


There have been many changes in 20 years

(technology and not to mention traffic lights in

Milton!). Still, Ben explained, “Our key focus

has not changed, and that is providing tailored

financial advice to ensure clients have an enjoyable

and financially stress-free retirement.” As a result,

TMFS has now grown to service over 400 clients

across offices in Milton, Canberra and Wollongong.


Team Members are encouraged to get involved

in the local community, such as joining the local

Surf Life Saving Club. This year, the business is

focused on contributing to and becoming a major

sponsor for StoryFest (an amazing local festival

held in June).


Becoming self-licensed in 2021 was a significant

step as it allows independent financial advice to be

provided (TMFS does not receive any commissions

for advice and is 100% privately owned).


Clients are understandably nervous in this

complex and ever-changing world. TMFS can help

by educating them to have the financial confidence

to spend on things they’ve only dreamed of—a

holiday, parachute jump, or a Winnebago!


A recent email from a client reflects this: “Thank

you for helping me achieve my independence by

spending sensibly.”


Tailor-Made is keen to help people who have

moved to the South Coast realise they do not need

their Sydney Adviser and can receive the highest

quality financial advice but with the advantage of

being delivered locally.


Visit tmfs.com.au to find out how they can help

you ‘Enjoy today by planning for tomorrow’.