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My plan is to invest in my children’s education, contribute where possible towards the community and to travel the world.

Roger Nee

Business Manager

My vision in 2002 was to co-start a Financial Planning business from scratch – a business based on transparency, one that would provide highly qualified professional advice, a business that truly helped individuals plan for a better future. I wanted to help bring the same quality found in the best city practices to the country – a business that provided local service with expert advice.

This vision remains today, helping Tailor-Made Financial Services receive some of  the most highly valued Financial Planning awards given to firms anywhere in the country. This includes being awarded the National and NSW State Winner of the FPA Value of Advice Awards, a testimony to providing quality financial advice tailored to the needs of the client.

Fast forward 20 years and as Business Manager, my role involves many aspects including financial control & marketing. Most importantly however, my role is to collaborate with colleagues, helping to navigate and evaluate strategies which incorporate change, enabling the business to successfully grow, evolve and meet the needs of our valued clients. As business manager I help convey our vision across the business and beyond, to Enjoy today by Planning for tomorrow!

Roger Nee

We listen, we care, we make it happen