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With the assistance of Tailor-Made Financial Services we have had financial freedom to embark on some of life’s pleasures.

A well earnt holiday travelling around the state of Queensland in 2014 was most enjoyable. Our main aim was an extended fishing trip however the countryside was so beautiful that we spent a lot of time taking in the sights and photographing the lovely landscape

Our accomodation was very comfortable also and could pull up wherever and whenever the mood suited.

Thanks to Hillross Financial Planning for helping us achieve a long time ambition.

Enclosed is a photo of our “home away from home” and 2 fish that didn’t get away.

Jenni and Doug

In our working lives we contribute to superannuation without much thought. At retirement, we are faced with the problem as to how to manage our superannuation monies, and there are no work colleagues to consult even if they had knowledge of financial management.

The options are either to look after the monies ourselves; give them to others to look after; or to seek some financial advice. The first two are fraught with danger. The third needs careful consideration as one is seeking people with sound qualifications, integrity, experience, recommendations from clients and, not least of all, the ability to assess the particular needs of the individual client.

Having considered these requirements, we had no hesitation in engaging Ben Hatcher and his team at Tailor-Made Financial Services to seek the best professional advice available in relation to the management of a self managed superannuation fund. We are now in a position to be well advised and, in conjunction with Tailor-Made Financial Services, make informed decisions as to the directions in which to take our superannuation fund.

The other tremendous advantage to us is that Hillross is across all the important changes to superannuation regulations and the accounting responsibilities relating to fund management, which are far beyond our capabilities in our retirement years.

In view of the above, we would have no hesitation in recommending Ben Hatcher and Tailor-Made Financial Services to any of our friends and intending clients.

Max and Jo

My idea of financial freedom is simply having the confidence to able to do things and spend money yet still be relaxed that I am being sensible.  Ben and his team have given me this confidence and their service has been wonderful as well as absolutely invaluable.

I am thoroughly enjoying my retirement and besides spinning have taken up the hobby of rug making. A very good friend of mine back in 1994 encouraged me to take this up and the friendships we have developed truly all over the world are quite amazing. It is an affordable hobby yet can result in works of art and I have rugs now hanging in Japan and the USA.

My rug making speciality is hooking as opposed to proggy and it might sound a bit different but this skill enables me to travel the world in a way most people can’t. For example we are shortly off to Jerusalem, Brussels , the Outer Hebrides in Scotland then across to Milwaukee, Oklahoma and Seattle before reaching our final destination of Vancouver Island where we will be attending the TIGHR conference (which by  the way stands for The International Guild of Hand hooking Rug makers!).

With this travel we are actually staying in other rug makers homes and we get to share their real way of life in a very personable manner and it is this part of the travel that I absolutely love.

I would not have had the confidence to take on such trips (especially as I am now 82) if it was not for Tailor-Made Financial Services. They have helped make a real difference to my life and the way I enjoy my retirement and for that I am truly thankful.


Due to the professionalism and expertise of the people at Tailor-Made Financial Services, preparing for our retirement over five years ago was an easy journey – they minimised our concerns and kept us well informed.

Since retiring the helpful people at Tailor – Made have continued their dedicated service and navigated our finances through some of the most tumoltuous financial upheaval the world has seen which has resulted  in us enjoying a worry free financial lifestyle.


These clients have agreed to share their story. Everyone’s situation is different, so their choices and outcomes will be different to yours. Consider your circumstances before deciding what’s right for you.